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Aircraft Fuel Systems solution helps engineers to design the complete aircraft fuel system - in terms of pressure, temperature, flow transfer and ullage composition tracking. Application areas include the thermal behavior of the fuel system which is of major interest.

Aircraft Fuel Systems solution is based on the LMS Imagine.Lab AMESim multi-domain system simulation approach and handles multi-disciplinary systems for advanced fuel system design: fuel pressurization, fuelling, re-fuelling and de-fuelling of reservoir with complex shapes, accounting for the aircraft attitude and acceleration. Aircraft Fuel Systems solution helps to design various systems involved in fuel systems: venting, on-board inert gas generation system (OBIGGS), fuel distribution network and global energy management.

The solution easily handles high system complexity, accounts for multiple phenomena (wing bending and twisting) in dynamics conditions (temperature and pressure variations). It helps aircraft engineers to design systems with higher efficiency, lower weight and lower volume, and significantly optimizes energy consumption while ensuring the fulfillment of certification authorities’ rules.

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