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Electrical Aircraft solution helps engineers to design the electrical network of any aircraft. Relying on the Electrical libraries (Electric Motors and Drives, Electromechanical, Electric Basics and Converters and Aircraft Electrics), the Electrical Aircraft solution is the perfect solution for the aeronautic engineer to succeed in facing the new challenges of the More Electrical Aircraft.

The full energy balance modeling approach ensures the electrical engineer involved in a complex project for Electrical Aircraft not only to analyze the electrical networks and their components but also to start from the very beginning of the design project by accounting for the thermal integration within the complete aircraft.

The Electrical Aircraft Solution helps the aeronautic engineer in designing safer, more reliable actuators like steering or braking system and enables them to better analyze the impact of network reconfiguration in case of failure. Thanks to its Simulink co-simulation capability, it is very suitable to integrate also the control for the generator in order to ensure proper and efficient energy feeding to the network. Post processing tools (like the Fast Fourier transform or the unique linear analysis feature) are bringing to a new level the capability for an electrical engineer to really validate long before the first flight that certification test will be a success.

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